Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spud & tiramisu

During this recent cat-sitting episode, I've made an effort to spend more time with Spud, like dropping by to visit him twice a day - once in the morning before I go to work and once in the evening, when I would spend up to an hour or more at his home. His mom has been giving him a half a can of FussieCat both in the morning and evening, so I did the same.


I will normally do the necessary first, i.e. prepare the canned food for Spud and proceed to clean up his litter tray, while all the time talking to him. However, Spud the manja boy and headbutt champion will not let me do my job in peace unless I give him repeated share of hugs and headbutts to his satisfaction. In the midst of eating, he will continue to butt me and try to spread the fishy scent from his lips onto my head or my face. :P


After he's fed, I will play a little with him, or try to clean his nose (which always have dirt every few days). Sometimes, I will spend my time there reading a book, or drinking tea (teabag brought from home) or watch a little bit of cable on their tv. And no, I normally don't eat at their home during cat-sitting, although Spud's mom had asked me to drink the egg nog with rum, eat up the avocado with cream and gula malaka as a dessert and the tiramisu.

However, I did take one cup of tiramisu home to share with the SO, coz Spud's mom makes wonderful tiramisu, which is light and not too sweet. In fact, both of us have been the fortunate food-tasters of his mom's cooking, and given many food items over the past months. Heh... :)

Yummy tiramisu!


With layers of light sponge and mascarpone cream cheese mixture within...very sedap!


I think it will be very difficult not to put on weight from henceforth...



cat_aunty said...

Yes, thats what I did when I cat-sit. I tried to do it twice a day, then I would spend about an hour in th house, normally in the evenings, playing with the kitties or reading.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

haha... tiramisu is very ez to make actually, but i dun think you should learn, wait need to go expressions ah!

EJ. said...

Spuds is so sweet and easy to care for.
Unlike Miao Miao whom bites Cat_aunty during cat-sit.

cat_aunty said...

erm....EJ you have an elephant memory....

I think they over-trimmed Spud's ear....

auntie p said...

I have another galfriend who also whips up wonderful tiramisu and she too, says it's easy to do.

And ksn, I'm already a member of Amore...not by choice though, but bec. I'm the sort who is super prone to putting on weight. :-(

EJ: The mommy says Spud is usually quite aloof, but I guess he was really lonely, so become very sweet to me, but he can be boisterous (sp?) too.

Cat aunty: ya, the vet must have tipped his ear too much, and his family didn't know better then, and just let the vet do his job lor. I try make it a point to tell the vet to tip the ear nicely.

Fresh Fry said...

hunor, i see his ear i also sad.....darn stupid vet. *humph*