Saturday, December 29, 2007

Guess what's this?

Just for fun, guess what fruit this is?

The package actually says "fresh fruit in syrup". :PP



I bought it at the market yesterday, but haven't tried it yet. While at the market, I had this exchange with the fruit seller (in Mandarin):

Me: (Intrigued, confused and peering intently at the fruit package) What is this?
Seller: This is good. It is xxxx (name of fruit).
Me: Got seeds inside?
Seller: I don't know, I haven't tried it yet.
Me: You haven't tried yet, then how you know it's good???
Seller: *speechless....*

*cues comedy music*
Gwa gwa gwa gwaaaaa!


cat_aunty said...


It shouldn't be a fruit kua, but more like a fruit dessert?

Fruits treated in sugar syrup?

EJ. said...


Produced in which country?

auntie p said...

KSN guessed it's a ringo (on my food blog), a green one to be exact (to quote her).

Interesting answers...though I don't know what a ringo is.

The fruit is from Thailand, according to the packaging, but the other text is all wrong, coz there is no syrup leh, and the fruit looks fresh and uncut.

I will post the answer after I try the fruit tomorrow. Stay tuned. :)