Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two cats talking

Saw this super cute video on EJ's blog and it's absolutely adorable!

Hee hee!

EJ's cats & pandas blog

The fun thing is that Coco does that to me too.

She can chat with me word for word or rather, word for meow, or Hmm? for Hmmm... !!



EJ. said...

Aunty P, I bet Coco chat alot to you and SO.
Wish there is a software to communicate with cats.

cat_aunty said...

Dear aunty P

may I send u and Coco a xmas card??

auntie p said...
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auntie p said...

EJ: If only! Cats have so many tones and voices, plus body language and actions - all of which can tell us so much!

EJ. said...

Will contact you too, Aunty P.

cat_aunty said...