Monday, December 10, 2007

Fussy taste of HRH

Note to self:

Must stick to the following wet cat food only:
- Fussie Cat (tuna with salmon or white fish or chicken flavours)
- Snappy Tom, red or is it white(?) tuna with salmon & prawns flavour only

Forget about Burp brand, or even selected Fancy Feast.

I'd thought that Coco used to accept B brand, but tried some on her yesterday, and she refused to eat it the whole evening...had to throw it away. This evening, I tried to feed her with it, but she again refused to even touch it.

Then I open a can of her usual FC to compare it with B brand...and discovered that they smell differently indeed! FC smelled fresh and more fragrant, and B, although looked fresh, has a sort of dull smell.

I fed the B brand of wet food to the cats downstairs and they lapped it all up.

Sigh...I guess some cats are just more 好 命 (good life) than others and can afford to be diva-like and so fussy!
*roll eyes*


EJ. said...

Hmmm...wonder if HRH Coco likes Temptations treats.

cat_aunty said...

well, if you yourself can smell the difference, I am sure Coco with her more sensitive nose can detect the difference too!!!


Cats, you can't fool them!