Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At another pet shop

Last week, I went to the nearby pet shop to stock up on Fussie Cat, as I sure don't want to run out of cat food over the CNY holidays, and I don't know how long the shops may be closed for. This is the pet shop where Jackie-O the ex-community cat now lives.


This shop has only recently brought in Fussie Cat, and through the goodwill of Jackie-O (I'm his old friend) and since they kind of know I'm friendly to community cats, I was given a very good price for a carton of 24 cans. :)

In the course of chatting with the owner's mom, I discovered that Jackie-O has several other friendly companions living at the shop besides Milky the chihuahua, whom I'd met previously.

Milky, compared to the size of my hp pouch

Milky is a chihuahua which used to be constantly caged under poor living conditions at another pet shop (mind you, a pet shop!) until his current owner decided to spent $$$$ to buy him over, so as to give him a better life. Perhaps that explains his timid behaviour.


Milky is friendly yet timid. He kept running away from me, but I could not resist his cuteness and insisted on carrying him. *grin*

Then there are the two families of chinchillas, one of which has 2 baby chinchillas! These are pet chinchillas owned by the animal-loving owner and are definitely not for sale.

I wanna go out, get outta my way! *Siam, siam! *


Mom said: "If you stand still and pose, I will give you an almond", and that's what the furry guy did.
Heheh! So adorable!

I must visit them more often during the late hours, so that I can play with these furry cuties.



Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

eerrr......can share where this place is?

EJ. said...

Very nice and loving pets shop.
Milky's feets are so slim.

auntie p said...

Fresh fry, eh...u want to visit? They won't anyhow show their pets to anyone...

Yep, EJ, I agree they are really very kind and loving to animals. :)

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

like tat ah. okie. i understand where they are coming from. =)