Monday, January 14, 2008

Coco's experiment

Thanks to a suggestion by kxbc, I did the experiment, which purpose was:
- to confirm whether Coco just likes lying on any cloth or garment as long as it's placed near the edge of the bed, or whether she actually prefers to lie on our clothing.

Here's the original picture posted in the earlier post - with the light grey t-shirt placed next to the blanket, both of which are meant for Coco to rest on, which she does, if there isn't any clothing on the bed.

Yesterday was laundry day, and after folding my casual (navy blue) pants into a small square, SO left it on the bed, near the edge, and this was what happened.


Coco sat on my pants instead of the t-shirt, but this doesn't prove anything, right, since she could have done that because my pants are placed next to the edge of the bed.


Living life on the edge?!
Who me?
Like standing on the edge of this chair?

So I got Coco off my pants and did what kxbc suggested, i.e. place my pants in the middle of the bed, to see which one she prefers.

After I chased her off my pants, Coco actually went to sit on the light grey t-shirt (sorry, no photo).

But when she saw that my pants are lying there (in the middle) and available again, she went to sit on them.


Yep, she decided to go for my pants this time...(and usually during other times too).



I dunno why, but I just like to sit on people's clothings. Good night and ZZzzzzz...


ck said...

Hehe, it's the same with my cats; Peachy will always go for the feather pillow, put the pillow anywhere on the bed and she will go straight for it. And Sparky will always sit on my clothes even though there's plenty of space elsewhere on the bed.

auntie p said...

Hi ck, long time no see!

If my memory serves me well, you're supposed to start a cat blog, since you have like, 5 cats, right?


EJ. said...

Interesting experiment and interesting result, Aunt P.
Coco certainly loves hanging around your clothings.

san said...

I think she is smiling in the last pic -home at last.

ck said...

hi auntie p,

ehh, very pai-seh leh - still have not started my blog yet ;) but i'm impresses; you still remember! it's the usual excuses lah - work, haven't got around to it yet... must put that in my new year's resolution.

cat_aunty said...

Dear auntie P

I applaud your quest for the TRUTH!!!! Hahahaha