Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coco MaoMao's update

Sometime last Dec, I bought a small blanket for Coco, coz I want her to use her own blanket instead of sticking to my blanket when I'm sleeping! The blanket is of a small, conveniet size and cost only $2 nia.

Coco took to the blanket quite well initially, like the way she takes to new things.


After a while, she still prefers to sit or lie on our garments, whether clean or not.

See lah, both her blanket and usual t-shirt are there, yet she prefers to sit on my pants!


Yes, you are a funny cat, Coco!


I was late in coming home last night, since I had gone to the gym (after a long break)...had to spend extra time there to try to burn off the weight gain. :-(

The SO said that Coco kept meowing and meowing while she's parked at the main door. The SO took her away from the door, but Coco would return and meowed at the door again. He thinks Coco was meowing for me *.


Oh, really har, Coco? Are you so charming and endearing?

( * The SO thinks so because whenever I go to the corridor to water our plants, Coco will frequently stand at the gate and keep meowing and crying until I get back into the's like her brood is finally safe in the house!)


kuro.shiro.neko said...

looks like coco is really stuck to you... hehe.. btw, she has a really nice round face...

KXBC said...

I think why she likes your pants is bcause the pants are placed right at the edge of the bed. Cats seem to like that (living dangerously).

Do an experiment: Place her blanket (folded into a narrow strip) near the edge of the bed and your pants in the middle of the bed. See which one she prefers.

cat_aunty said...

Aiyo CocoMaoMao you are so sweet and loyal adorable!!!

Max also has this strange habit of resting on fresh laundry. Maybe they like the smell of fresh laundry, or the smell of you??

Coco has round round face and round round eyes!!

EJ. said...

Yup, Coco's a round face round eyes beauty!

I think she is providing some ironing touch to your pants.

cat_aunty said...

where to buy the $2 blankie?? Daiso?

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, I found the blanket at Lau Pa Sat. There's a shop there facing Robinson Rd that sells cheap marked-down t-shirts and stuff. Hope they still have the small $2 blankets.