Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cat grass update

Day 6


Day 5


Now that the grass is quite visible, we dare not let Coco see it, even accidently, or her withdrawal symptoms will all come back and she will start howling and crying for the cat grass!


cat_aunty said...

Need to be so secretive meh??

EJ. said...

Aunt P got green thumbs!

They have got to include these ASAP seeds at the new Buried Seed Vault in the Norwegian Artic.

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, I mustn't let Coco know there is cat grass before it's ready for consumption, or else she will cry and whine at the top of her voice everytime I go to the corridor to water plants!

As it is, she does that whenever I bring in small, timmed branches from the pomergranate plant into the house for disposal. Coco will scream her head off coz she thinks it's edible cat grass!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

wah, coco very smart hor, know how to beg and whine!

typical female... hehe..

lingcat said...

Any tips on how to keep the grass growing?

Everytime I grow the grass, it will die after about 2 weeks.

My girls love them too! If they have the access to the grass, they will chew away the whole pot and throw up right after.

auntie p said...

Hi Lingcat, by 10-14 days, this brand of cat grass will be ripe for eating, and after the cat has a go at it, the grass won't have a chance to grow! Whatever remains uneaten will wilt. Anyway, the roots will grow too crowded by then and won't grow much liao.

auntie p said...

ksn, simi typical female? Speak for yourself hor! Heheh!

MightyMouse said...

One of my girls threw up the next day after she took cat grass. I didn't dare to grow cat grass after that. According to a fellow cat lover, the purging is like "detoxication" so nothing to be alarmed of. I'll be seeing my vet soon so hope I'll remember to check with him.