Thursday, February 28, 2008

New cat food

I was given sample packs of this dry food last year, and Coco did eat it. Now that the Nutro is running out, I bought a 3kg bag of Eagle Pack Holistic to add to her regular RC.


I'm not sure what 'holistic' means, but they have vegetables and fruits as ingredients.


The kibbles are very small and thin (compared to the fish-shaped Nutro below).
That makes them very easy to crunch, which is good for Sugar, as he hasn't been eating much ever since he had 2 teeth removed by the vet sometime late-last year. The small kibbles are easier for him to eat.

Besides Sugar, JonJon the difficult fella seems to enjoy it too. Needless to say, so did the few other less fussy community cats.



cat_aunty said...

Poor he alright?

EJ. said...

A great mixture of healthy ingredients.
Most likely Sugar can't smiles for the camera.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i think holistic is an abused word. haha

auntie p said...

Cat aunty: I think Sugar is getting old and I'm afraid, may slowly become frail. He is suspected to be at least 9 years old, if not more.

I hate to see them suffer but hubby reminded me that suffering is part of life, so is 生老病死。