Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Choosing dry or wet food for cats

On this Biology Blog link is an interesting article on the perpetual debate - whether dry or wet food is better for cats.

Quote from article:
Even though society is accustomed to seeing Garfield-sized cats, obese, middle-aged cats can have a variety of problems including diabetes mellitus, which can be fatal. The causes of diabetes mellitus in cats remain unknown eventhough there has been a strong debate about whether a dry food diet puts cats at greater risk for diabetes. A new study from a University of Missouri-Columbia veterinarian suggests that weight gain, not the type of diet, is more important when trying to prevent diabetes in cats.

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Next thing I would like to know is - how do cats get cancer?
MIL's first cat too, was afflicted by cancer and had to be put to sleep many years' ago.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

well, the only thing i know is, "shark is the only mammal in the world tat dun get cancer". tis is the promo tagline for shark's liver oil in healthfood industry. i was in the industry many years ago. =D

MCWC said...
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Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

mcwc: tat was pretty much the case. now, there are further refined studies on sharks + cancer. but to be objective, shark-derived supplements are not cancer cure. and shark liver oil are harvested not from those poachers massacre for it's highly prized fins.

i took the oil b4, my skin was smoother. heh.

auntie p said...

MCWC said this earlier:

Fresh Fry - Is that true about sharks? That's pretty interesting...

As far as dry vs. wet - Our cats like dry food. Simon tends to get vomit when we give him wet food, so that makes the decision easy.

13/2/08 3:15 PM

Auntie P: I'm fine with his/her comments, but I'm deleting his/her posted website address as it's just too darn commercial for my liking. ;)