Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HRH Coco

I got Coco a new, prettier cat bed several weeks ago, coz I need to wash the existing one, but am afraid it won't dry within a day. Also, the old one has got holes underneath and lots of bite marks, courtesy of Coco, from when she was younger and more bitey.


Now, she still bites when she's in her "excitedly-dashing-here-and-there" mood, but she knows what she can bite on and bite not...well, kind of.

So far, she's only gone to sit on the new cat bed like once or twice, and that's after I've coaxed her or put her in it.

I just don't know how to sleep in the new bed lah...it's like there's a pea in there somewhere, u'know!

The teddy bear (from cat aunty) has suffered a bit. I've seen Coco wrestle with teddy and sometimes lie on him, provided teddy is not in the new cat bed. Otherwise, he will be ignored indefinitely.


Ahh...these, Coco loves definitely!
Sheba cat treats from KSN, and what I called "fishcake strips" from Cat aunty.


I can always count on these and Temptations treats (from EJ) to get a warmly-snuggled Coco out of the laundry basket! She can even recognise the Temptations pack now, and would immediately jump out. Haha!

Meanwhile, HRH still insists on "choping" my blanket every night! *Grrr...*
I was very glad that last night, she went to sleep with uncle SO again (the 2nd time it happened). Well, erm... her butt was a bit smelly. :p


Gimme my old, full-of-cat hair bed anytime!
But I still prefer mommy's blanket the best! *MEooww!*

Since she'd escape her bath last weekend due to wet weather, it will definitely be bath time for Coco tomorrow, before CNY. There'll be lots of screaming and whining throughout the ordeal. Ho, ho, ho... but thankfully, despite everything, Coco does not scratch or bite us, and that makes her a nice cat. :)


cat_aunty said...

Yeah...cats are suspicious of new things....Coco you are getting prettier everyday!

EJ. said...

Hoo Hoo, new spacious comfy beddy for Coco! though it will take a while for her to get used to it.

What fluffy tail u got,Coco!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

wah....coco really knows how to pose for the camera liao le wor. start a Babe Contest? kekeke.....