Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BT & Gym-Garfield

Recently, I fell in love with two very lovely community cats. One of them is BT.

BT stands for brown tabby, a big cat with a long body, which appeared in the far vicinity recently. His very manja and docile character towards humans means that he is likely to be an abandoned cat.



I hardly know him, yet he did this to me when I first saw him.

Gym-Garfield (from Chinky's adoption blog) is a super cute ginger cat and is up for adoption. You can read about him here.


EJ. said...

It is amazing these abandoned cats still much trust and affections even though what their beans did to them.
G-Garfield is real gentleman, he always gives way to another abandoned G-Girl.Once G Girl swipes one of his eye, he did not retaliate or maul back at her.such a considerate mancat.

auntie p said...

Gym-Garfield is really very sweet and docile, without a hint of aggression. Hope he will be adopted soon.

cat_aunty said...

Good to hear about GymGarfield.....all the best of luck, kitties!

KXBC said...

My CC (when he is not botak) looks like BT.

auntie p said...

Hmm....botak = BT?
Hope that won't happen to my BT. :)

I like to go sayang him after work, and feed him a snack. I hope he has a regular feeder and water-provider.