Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coco: I deserve more cat treats *whines*

To the aunties who worry that I may put on weight and lose my svelte figure from eating all those lovely cat treats that you'd sent, you needn't have to worry at all.


Because mommy is very stingy with the treats!

She will give me only 4 to 6 Temptation / Sheba treats with my breakfast every morning (or a bit more when she's in the mood), and I only get to eat the crab slices treats on the weekends.

As if that's not enough, she would make me do tricks just to eat the crab slices, like holding it high up above her knee, just to make me step up onto her leg to get at a tiny piece of the treat!

It's very tiring, you know, making me go up and down like that! But I don't have a choice, since I just luurrvve to eat the treats!


Not only have I not gain weight, mommy thinks that I have lost a bit of weight. I think it's just water loss lah! She thinks I look like a frail old cat in this picture.


That makes me frustrated, you know! *Grrr!!*

Just to prove her point, she took this picture to show my sunken tummy (so she said!) for all to see. How unflattering!


I think I just have a high metabolic rate, especially from all the mad dashing around that I like to do, which irritates mommy when I do it right after she gets into bed at night. *Giggles*

Since mommy thinks I'm too thin, then all the more she should feed me more of the cat treats.
Don't you agree, dear aunties? ;-)


kuro.shiro.neko said...

coco ah, don worry ok. your mummy just want to make sure you have treats 365 days mah. so she ration to give you lor.

you like the sheba treats? wait see if i go japan in march or not, then i buy for you ok?...

cat_aunty said...

Dear CocoMaomao, why are you sitting in the tub for? Is it your new bed?

Indeed you have a very wasp-like waist!!! Mummy just wants to make sure that you are not overweight like *koff* Spencer *ahem* you eat treats in moderation lah hor

EJ. said...

..but is CNY period.
Even mommie have lots of goodies.
yeah, more more, not moderations ... :)