Saturday, February 16, 2008

Visit to cat house :)

I visited KSN last week, and besides meeting the 2-leggeds, I got to sayang 5 out of the 6 four-leggeds at home.

Here's the very handsome Wei Wei, who was very shy at first and hid behind the toilet (literally).


Later, he warmed up towards me, with some help from his idol - his daddy!
That's me he's snuggling up to, ok? *proud*


When the pack of cat sashimi treats was opened, there was a stampede...towards mommy!

(Note: Picture was purposely distorted to protect the innocent)


Here's Wei Wei and Lincoln hanging out on the cat tree.


Here's their Coco, who's such a darling that she climbed onto my lap for some snuggling.
If only my own Coco will do that... *Sigh!*

Coco and her other two sisters are ultra sweet very lovely.


The only kitty that I didn't get to sayang was Lilo, who remains untouchable.

Thank you, KSN and hubby. It was my pleasure.


kuro.shiro.neko said...

*shudder* thinking of the stampede.. a bunch of "yeow gui"!!

EJ. said...

They really loves the sashimi treats! can make a commercial video!

cat_aunty said...

Hahaha check out that tongue!!!