Sunday, March 02, 2008

BT is a kneader

It was raining on Sat morning when we tried to look for Shiny for her dose of eyedrops. We failed to find her but met BT instead.

After some sayangs, BT climbed onto the SO's lap and began his bout of kneading!


He's rather tame; I pushed his back downwards and told him to sit, and he did.


The SO also thinks he looks like a cat from the wild.


Giving us his blur, innocent look.


He also automatically came to snuggle beside me.

I think he displayed all the familiar signs of a typical home pet cat that's very used to humans.


cat_aunty said...

He looks so very sweet and gentle.....poor thing.

EJ. said...

So sweet and obedient , BT.
May he stay safe and healthy.