Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wishlist for Cats of East Coast Park

If you would like to help these community cats whose outdoor home will be torn down soon, please visit to leave a message.

Dear everyone,

Hello! Hope this email finds you well. Thank you all for your kind support for the cats in the park.

Some updates on the status of our sterilisation project in the park. The majority of cats in the boat storage areas have been sterilised (a total of 190 cats sterilised thus far in the park). Unfortunately they will be losing their homes come June 2008 when the boat storage areas will be torn down. We have been monitoring, and will continue to monitor the situation on the ground, together with our feeders, to make sure that the cats are safe and fine during the transition period.

Meanwhile, one way forward is to ensure that the cats are well-fed away from food areas to minimise complaints and ensure that the population is kept stable through continued aggresive sterilisation. At the same time, we are target to sterilise cats at the Marine Cove and Lifeguard areas where there are still quite a number of unsterilised cats. We will be supplementing the cat food supply of feeders in the park by providing them with cat food so that the cats are well-fed.

As such, for the purposes of sterilisation and feeding, we have come up with a wishlist for the cats, with sterilisation targets to be reached by end of this month, and food supplies needed for the cats the month of March:-

1) 20 sterilisation slots ($25 for a male, $40 for a female) + boarding ($15 per cat) - $1100 (assuming female cats)
2) 4 rounds of trapping ($70 per session) - $280
3) 3 bags of 6.8kg cat biscuits ($25 per bag) - $75
4) 40 cans of wet canned food ($1 per can) - $40

Kindly let me have the heads-up if you would like to sponsor any one of the above items, either in whole, or in part, and I will inform you about details of the sponsorship. We will also provide you with an update by mid-April on how your sponsorship has gone towards helping the cats. Pls also feel free to let me know if you have any queries.

Hope that everyone would chip in to support our furry friends in East Coast Park. Thanks!

Best regards,
Nona Neo
Cats of East Coast Park

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EJ. said...

Hope the cats will have shelter from the rains after their homes are demolished.
I used to go cycling at East Coast Park, near the HUDC chalets, ahem in my younger days.