Monday, March 03, 2008

Coco's new bed

From not touching the new bed to just sitting in it only and now sleeping in it, Coco has finally accepted her new, bigger bed.


She's also taken to snuggling with teddy bear, using him as a pillow.


Sleeping like a squirrel while I tickled her tummy


At bedtime on Sunday night, I told her to wake me up on Monday at 6+ am, and she really did! Haha! She first tried to wake me at just before 6am (but I snoozed), and several times again later, after the alarm went off after 6am++. I think she knows what the alarm means --> work day for mommy and daddy, so she can have some peace and quiet at home!

We sometimes think that she's our toy, an interactive one, and are constantly amazed and amused that a small creature like her knows how to manipulate us into behaving the way SHE wants! Really cannot tahan her sometimes! ;P


cat_aunty said...

Sweet sweet Coco, and clever too! You trained the humans so effectively!

xiaobaixiaobai said...

coco maomao is smiling in the 3rd pic? cuteeeeeeeee~

EJ. said...

You look great and comfy in your new bed, Coco.
Maybe Coco's been watching lots of soap operas and dramas....learning from it.

KXBC said...

You still trying to adopt Coco out?

auntie p said...

kxbc: only if there's a good home who would take Coco.

Then I can take care of the others, esp Sugar, who is getting older. I'm sure he misses the visits to our home.

cat_aunty said...

Oh.....auntie P you really want to give up CocoMaomao? Can't she and Sugar be buddies? Like Megat and Totoro?