Sunday, March 23, 2008

I want to go out!

Coco in the morning: I want to go out! *Meow, meow meowww!*
Coco in the afternoon: I want to go out! *Meow, meow meowww!*


Coco in the evening: I want to go out! *Meow, meow meowww!*
Coco at 11.32 pm: I want to go out! *Meow, meow meowww!*

Basically, she wants to go out everytime we open the main door!
Perhaps I should not have started her on the outings... >_<"


Beds and cat cushion are everywhere, but she just had to use the one that's meant for the human being.


cat_aunty said...

Hahaha what a little Princess!

EJ. said...

lol, and now she is demanding for walks! You go, girl!

auntie p said...

What d'ya know? Seeing Coco snuggled in her cat bed yesterday, the SO remarked that she looks more and more like a princess.

I was like: "Huh? You mean she is not already a princess?!?"

san said...

New horizons and cat grass :)Just watch it when you open the door. All that gazing outside might give her the idea that she could just walk out by herself- like Toro.

auntie p said...

You are right on, San.

When I went home yesterday evening, she wanted to walk out of the open gate! While we were leaving for work this morning, Coco looked like she wanted to join us on the other side of the gate. She must be wondering why she couldn't join us. :)

KXBC said...

Even if I leave the gate wide open, no one wants to get out. I think after so many years of being a house cat, they are a bit fraid of the outside and prefer the safety of home.

Anyway, only YY was a true void deck cat for about a month. KK was an indoor/outdoor cat with her previous owner. The other 3 had not even stepped on dirty concrete floor before. Good life hor? I also want. Meow, eat, sleep, toilet, meow, eat again, move 5 min, sleep, meow, sayang me, meow, I want to go into your bedroom, meow, sayang me... :)

auntie p said...

Hahaha, kxbc! You understand cat lingo so well-trained. ;)

You sound like my husband. He's always lamenting what a good life Coco has.

"Coco Jin ho miah, jin ho miah" (in Hokkien) - that's what I keep hearing almost every day lately. Haha!

Moki said...

Coco has trained you very well indeed!