Sunday, March 02, 2008

To catch a cat

Last Friday afternoon, I was teeming with anxiety. >_<"

Decided to catch a community cat with eye infection,
which needed vet attention.
I didn't know if I can get her, coz she's not from our area,
but lives a good 15 minutes' walk away.
I hoped I could find her, that she would get into the cat carrier,
coz my "manpower" had to work late that evening. Argh!

In the end, I found her and got her into the soft carrier.
Problem is, she refused to be confined, could not be confined,
kicked up a big fuss, banged herself inside the carrier,
screamed, moaned and howled for the whole street to hear!
Alamak! Never would we imagine,
that a sweet, docile cat would behave this wild and untame-able!

In the end, I had to let her go.
Nevertheless, I went to the vet,
with a cat carrier that was without a cat.
Showed the vet the poorly captured photo,
took back some antibiotic eyedrops,
which we hope will work for the cat.

The worst thing was,
while walking through the void deck (to the bus stop),
I tripped and fell, because I didn't see a very gentle ramp,
most likely built for the cleaner's "truck".
Fell flat on both my knees, which got me shaken for a while,
while an (older) aunty stood by and looked on, as if watching a tv drama. >_<"

Sigh...what a bummer of a day,
and my scraped knees and bones are aching.
Ow, ow, owwwwww...!!

*Roll Eyes!!*

Here's Shiny, the culprit :P
A skinny, docile female cat with a loud voice...much louder than we'd ever imagined!


She ran far away from me after I reluctantly released her from the carrier


Had to grab her with one hand with the other holding the hp to snap a quick picture.
From the photo, the vet said it's likely to be conjunctivitis.

PhotobucketShiny, with less than shining eyes last Friday

We've gone back to look for her and (forcefully, against her loud protests) applied the antibiotic eye drops 3x already since Friday night. Her eyes are tearing less now, hope they will heal soon.


cat_aunty said...

Oh dear...poor Auntie P.....Shiny must be thinking you were the pest control people, that why she screamed her head off to warn the other community cats loh......I think after this incident, Shiny will warm up to you.

How is your knees and bones? Better put some ointments oh

EJ. said...

Hope your knees and bones aches are better now,Aunty P.
Those pesky ramps, they always appear suddently.
Shiny, one of those skinny but loud voices cat. Hope her conjunctivitis heal soon.

auntie p said...

Yes, I'm better, thank you. ;)

You can say it's a leap year for me (happened on Friday 29 Feb), except that I didn't "leap". Actually, I walked into the void deck just to avoid a half-naked man who sat by the side and was staring at me.

Then sekali, the next second... *Plink plonk!!*
I'm on all shoulder bag and soft pet carrier still slung around my arms!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

aiyoh... that must have hurt!

KXBC said...

You stared at the half naked man till you fell!!! :) Just joking lah. Hope you are feeling better now.

I'd brought Patches, our void deck cat, to the vet as well for some eye problem some years back as well. The vet said she will go blind if I don't apply medicine to her eyes. Then Patches hissed and scratched the vet assistants. Haha....They don't even dare to approach her and yet they call themselves vet assistants.

Anyway, I only managed to apply 1 tiny drop of the medication to her eyes once we are back. She just "siamed" me like crazy everytime she sees me with the bottle in my hands. And the vet was so wrong. Patches' eyes healed within a week, even any medication. That's why I don't go that vet anymore. No trust in them at all.

auntie p said...

kxbc: Eh, that man had a big tummy like a water-melon, not some hunk, you know!

If he was hunky (even if his face not very handsome), then your first sentence may be right, but then I wouldn't have to walk into the void deck liao loh. Heh!