Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Walking jacket training part 1 (Monday)

The walking jacket's leaflet gave some instructions on training your cat to wear the jacket, such as:

TO START: Leave jacket around for a few days to let cat sniff and get used to it.


La la la~!


The leaflet also says that upon wearing the jacket, "many cats promptly lie down!"


And that "This is a strange but natural reaction and can be really amusing."
Yep, they said it! *grin*

And here's Spud trying on his walking jacket.

While he's not new to wearing body accessory (he's worn a body harness meant for small dogs), I didn't think he was happy that I put the jacket on him. Haha!


EJ. said...

nice matching jacket colours for Coco and Spud.

cat_aunty said...

Coco eyes big big!

I think Spud needs a bigger jacket *smirk*