Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who is Humm-Humm?

The cat's story:

I had finished eating and was minding my own business when I heard this bean calling "Humm-Humm, Humm-Humm!" in a calm sort of voice. I kept my distance and answered her, even though I didn't understand why she kept saying "Humm-Humm".


I don't know who this bean is, but I have seen her before, and she seems friendly. Even my very smart galfriend Jambala will go and rub against her ankle and allow herself to be stroked by her, so I guess this bean must be quite humm-less.

She took out small box, which she put near her face, called out "Humm-Humm" a few more times, and then she walked away to join another bean.


I still don't know who this bean is, but since she's always saying "Humm-Humm, Humm-Humm", so I guess she must be "Humm-Humm bean".

[ ps: In Hokkien, "Humm Humm" means ... "swollen" :P ]


EJ. said...

lol. His head is not that large, just rounded.

cat_aunty said...

What a handsome ginger tom!!!!

He looks very cuddly......;-P

auntie p said...

Although he's untouchable, I think Humm Humm is quite cute if I can get to know him. He's quite vocal and will respond when I call him Humm Humm. Haha!