Friday, April 11, 2008

Coco walks by herself

With the retractable leash, I can now sit by the gate to watch the news on tv while Coco walks by herself.


I got the leash yesterday, but could not figure out how to retract it, as there was no extra button for that function. Today, I went to PLC during the lunch hour to ask, and the nice young man opened up a set to show me, even though I hadn't bought it from them (he didn't know, but he was certainly very customer-oriented...well-done!).


Actually, the leash is self-retractable and idiot-proof. The young man must think I'm an idiot!
I realised the one I have must be defective, and got it changed at my usual pet shop this evening.


Now Coco is free to roam about the corridor and I can keep an eye on her while multi-tasking. :)

At one point, I looped the leash handle over the gate's handle, so that I can go get my camera. When I returned to the gate, Coco was staring in my direction with big, round eyes. She must have wondered where I've been, to have left her alone.


san said...

Congratulations aunty_p and Coco. It is so much more fun to be able to walk about in safety. In no time at all she will be visiting the neighbours :)

auntie p said...

Thanks, San.

I'm glad Coco took to walking with the jacket and leash quite well, although she will make a big complaint everytime I wipe her down after the walk!

cat_aunty said...

Wow! Coco looks inquisitive and alert! Glad to see that she is having fun.

EJ. said...

Bravo Coco! She must have realised the jacket is her protection armour.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Coco you sure are cute in your walking jacket!!! It's nice to be able to explore and smell new smells!!