Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free the stray cats

This has been circulating for a while, but I'd forgotten to post it here.

Petition to stop AVA from loaning out free cat traps for the purpose of killing the cats

Imagine, a completely free service from a government agency, right here in Singapore! Where to find???

From what I understand, at the complainant's request, AVA will drop the cat trap off at the complainant's home (usually landed property) for free, loan the cat trap for free, and after the poor cat is trapped, will pick up the trapped animal for free, and provide killing service (to kill the cat, not the complainant) for free!

Where does the money to support these free services come from? Is there no better way to spend this money, or no other solution to solve the stray cat issue?

So if you haven't sign the petition, please do support it. :)

Sterilise me but don't kill me please!

(Photo borrowed from http://catwomanflix.blogspot.com/, with permission)

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auntie p said...

I wonder if there is a closing date for the petition, so that it can be forwarded to the minister.