Saturday, April 19, 2008

New flavours

I was dismayed to read in one comment that none of San's amigos took to the new flavours of Fussie Cat. Since Coco is of the "ultimate fussy cat" category, I thought I would have to feed the new flavours to the community cats.

Kang heer kia i.e. ikan bilis flavour



It has the usual tuna with strips of anchovies, which look rather like the Teochew style of boiled anchovies we used to eat when we were kids.


Tua tao i.e. kupang flavour


There were a few small mussels within a can.

I held my breath, but to my pleasant surprise, Coco liked them, especially the achovy flavoured one!

Last weekend, I gave her an early dinner at 4pm (coz we were going out), and despite the early hour, she gobbled up ALL her dinner, instead of eating it in 2 or more smaller servings.

Wow! Either Fussie Cat has yet another success or Coco is their undisputed #1 loyal fan!
And for that, I think Coco deserves a container crate of free Fussie Cat from the manufacturer. ;)

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cat_aunty said...

Oh my.....FussieCat company is making lots of $$$ lately!