Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coco does the matatabi dance

The matatabi came in the post with other kitty presents, thanks to KSN. ;)


I didn't know what it was, but Coco taught us what it is soon enough!

Photobucket it is interesting stuff... Coco likes it... a lot!


That she punctured a hole in the package.


Even then, we didn't know what the matatabi is capable of...until one night, we gave it to Coco.

We realise it can make Coco do the matatabi dance!

Matatabi facts : [click link for more info.]
Long ago the Japanese people discovered that the leaf of the Matatabi vine drives cats crazy. When put into toys, cats play with them excitedly, slobbering, writhing, and dancing about in a strange state of heightened alertness. The herb induced performance is called the Matatabi dance. The dance is similar, but more extreme, to that which occurs when cats are exposed to catnip. Research has established this peculiar feline reaction is caused by volatile oils found in the leaves. Matatabi is more than a source of fun, it is used as a health stimulant for sick cats. As an infusion or powder, it is used to speed the recovery of ailing felines.

Dried matatabi up close



xiaobai said...

lol coco seemed very 'high'...she look so cute when she's wriggling on the floor!

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Ah, thats nice! I wonder if its available for sale in Singapore?

I might be going to Singapore soon and would like to shop for my cat, any recommended places/ petshops i can do so? I only know of 1 near Marina Square. Thanks!

ps: Just wondering, are there any cat cafes in Singapore? Or anywhere i can get to meet more cats =)?

auntie p said...

Eiko chan, you can try Pet Lovers Centre although they're already available in Malaysia.

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

But i find stuffs for cats rather limited here, the last time i checked, they don't even have the mussel flavour of Fussie Cat!

I want to spoil my cat with more treats, and the only thing i can find here that she likes is the Angel's Salmon treats!

Quasi said...

Wow, this all looks delicious! And where can I get some of that mata...matahari...whatever it is. Just give it to me.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

sorry, not available here. only in japan! oh you know what, it is avilable at 100 yen shop. so maybe can try daiso here??

i got it at a petshop in tokyo.

EJ. said...

haha, Coco so cute! so soothing for her.

cat_aunty said...

But she sounded a bit frantic and upset though.....