Thursday, May 01, 2008

Coco and little girls

Being the scaredy cat, Coco will usually go hide in some obscure corner whenever there are visitors at home. However, she is less afraid of little gals and women, especially if they are regular visitors, like Anna from Spud's family.

Anna does come by every now and then, sometimes every week, to deliver home-made bread and buns (made by her mommy) for our consumption. Lucky us!


Anna knows that Coco likes her brush, brush...but Coco acts coy at first.


After a very short while, Coco's resolve will melt and she will let Anna brush her.

In fact, Anna visited everyday when she accompanied mommy to cat-sit Coco when we went on holiday. Sadly though, Coco doesn't seem to remember that episode at all. I guess most cats are like that, eh? So unlike dogs who can remember their friends even after an absence of more than a year... like Milo and Brownie, the two dogs that I've known. That's why people always say dogs are more loyal. :)


cat_aunty said...

Well, I think Coco is just shy......MiaoMiao I had cat sit for 5 years....and she still snarled at me each and every time

EJ. said...

Coco Maomao is being shy and careful. At least she is friendly towards Anna.