Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gym-Garfield and Cai-Lee

Here are two of my favourite cats (among others) - I have to borrow these two photos from Chinky and Mary without permission. :P

What in the world is Gym-Garfield doing?

Gym-Garfield, a super-duper sweet ginger boy is now being fostered and waiting for his permanent home.

And here's Cai-Lee, one of Mary's brood. I just lurrvve that cutie pie face of hers! She's a very lovely cat who will sit or lie quietly beside Mary.

As a kitten, Cai-Lee used to be cared for by an Indian worker called Charles who had since went back to his home country. Charles used to share his curry dinner with CL. Mary told me that Cai-Lee still like to eat curry, which she will sometimes cook for CL. I wondered if CL will sweat or hang out her tongue after eating curry, but Mary says CL doesn't. ;)


cat_aunty said...

Oh I remember GymGarfield and ChaiLee!!!!!!! Good news abt GymGar!!!! He is so sweet!

Hahah ChaiLee has the funniest face!

EJ. said...

Gym Garfield in deep thoughts.

Cai-Lee got exotic taste!
bet she takes curry well, better than my hubhy.

Anonymous said...

CaiLee is soooo darn cute!!! How old is she?


Chinky said...

Here's CL's photo album