Thursday, May 22, 2008


I haven't been updating, coz there isn't much happening, other than the usual 吵死人 annoyance from Coco, which happens on a daily basis, like this:

a) Snuggling next to my legs at night while I sleep, coz the weather is too hot for her to sleep in her cat bed lately

b) Meowing for attention each time she jumps onto my bed before she snuggles in; I have to respond to her or give her a pat or scratch to acknowledge HRH's arrival. *Roll eyes!*

c) Meowing too early in the morning at times, like before 6am for her breakfast with added cat treats (either Temptations or salmon sashimi treats).

d) After breakfast, meowing to be let out for her walk along the corridor outside, which is not happening on our working days

e) Screaming and demanding for her wet food dinner when we get home from work

f) After her dinner, meowing and demanding to be let out for her post-dinner walk before we humans even have a chance to rest after a day's work

g) Meowing at me from 10.30pm onwards, ordering me to go to bed!

Repeat the cycle from (a)!


All is not lost though, as we do have some counter-measures, like lecturing Coco on Friday night to not wake me up too early the next morning, or giving her a few speck of the potent matatabi at night. After doing her matatabi dance, Coco will become very calm and quiet throughout the night until the next morning. ;-)


mettacats said...

Geez..a spoilt brat :)

auntie p said...

Welcome MettaCats, I've blogrolled you. Ya, I agree Coco is quite bratty!

Pls say Hi to SY for me, but she may not know who I am... just tell her I used to cycle to MC with my then-boyfriend years' ago. ;)

EJ. said...

That's a good girl, Coco.
Keeping on pestering daddy and mommy, and hararssing mommy :D

Chinky said...

SY has superb memory..and how to forget someone who fixed the wheels for Judy!

cat_aunty said...

Well....auntie are not alone. Spencer does the same thing too, she and Coco are so alike they could be sisters.

The only way for us to stop her from meowing, is to do all the things for her before she voices her displeasure!