Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New cat food & treats

New brand of dry cat food in a 400g trial pack. The word "sensitive" refers to fussy cats!

Coco will gamely try out new brands of dry food, and it remains to be seen if she will take to it for long.

The ingredients list


Another brand of salmon cat treats with re-sealable packaging

The shop ran out of the ones with the cat picture packaging, so I bought the pack with the dog packaging, which essentially has the same thing.

Coco loves it! I flossed them a little and sprinkled over the kibbles which Coco hadn't been eating much of lately. Immediately, she ate lots of kibbles, and that was after her wet food dinner, so much so that she must have felt too full to move or talk afterwards. Haha! She slept through the night quietly that evening. :)


EJ. said...

Yummy gourmet salmon!
Coco: This is fine dinning!

cat_aunty said...

I am trying the Sanabelle too, the kitties seem to like them.

I saw the salmon at PLC, but it was costly, so I didn't buy. Spencer quite like the Angel salmon treats.

auntie p said...

Angel salmon has 17g at about $7.
This brand has 25g at $7.40. So which one is more costly? Do the sums. :)