Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jambala & Gingers, et al

Finally, I managed to get a front view shot of Jambala, and during the day time too!

She's has such a pretty face and a soft, gentle meow.


Whenever she sees us, she will greet us by rubbing against the corner of the wall, and stretching one of her hind legs, which is such a peculiar, unique characteristic of hers.


Pretty, pretty gal cat.


Here's another ginger cat - this time, it's a boy cat named "Eeyor" that belongs to a neighbour from a neighbouring block.


He is among the very first cats that we know to walk on a leash, and even without the leash, he can be walked and will stay close to the owners. He can also be wheeled about in the shopping trolley.

"Eeyor" doesn't come out much nowadays, and despite not having met us for a year, he seemed to remember us when we met him several weeks ago. He kept pulling away from his leash to follow us!

At another estate, we've known this ginger boy for a number of years. He's very cool and popular among the passer-bys, many of whom would stop in their tracks to look at him or stroke him.

That's the kind of commanding presence he has!

His face reminds us of Dino, a community from downstairs who passed away in 2006.



EJ. said...

long time no see, pretty Jambala.

san said...

what a clever cat to sit in a trolley and be carted about. :)

cat_aunty said...

Gingers galore!!!!