Monday, June 30, 2008

Reply to TC

My reply to a TC officer asking for advice to deal with complaints about a car park at another area having "too many cats and cats scratches":

Dear xxx

The fact is, cats do not scratch cars just by resting on top and then jumping down from their cars. This fact has been tested and borned out by Dawn Kua when she was the Operations Director of Cat Welfare Society (CWS), and by other car owners who are friendly to cats. Cats will only unsheathe their claws if they feel threatened (e.g. someone wants to hit them) or if they are trying to defend themselves. Out of all the stray cats I've met, I would say over 90++% are docile and I have never got scratched by strays for many years now.

Which blocks are the complainers staying at? If these are the repeat complainers as the previous time, just ask them to chase the cats away, or spray with a water spray bottle when the see the cats. After some time, the cats will get the message soon enough. If not, they can cover their car with a cover.

If they don't want to try anything, then they are not helping themselves. If they only insists on having the cats removed, then ask them do they want to be responsible for sending the cats away to be killed and have blood on their hands? Is this what their religion has taught them (assuming they have a religion or some spiritual guidance)?

Or you may contact CWS' volunteers for help and advice at:
Good luck.


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Chinky said...

When will we ever see that when we complain about "cats scratching cars" allegation is a sign of a "sick" society that has lost or not gain the basic morality of what is right and wrong!?
TC officers should just reply that they are not responsible for any "act of nature or god or whatever" (this was once available on the printed season ticket) but i am sure it can be checked on any HDB car park regulations. If the cats are to be removed, then TC must also also accede to request to remove trees, other cars, CCTV to catch vandals, etc.
It is high time this national obsession of blaming cats for everything under the sun be stopped!
There is one cat in my carpark and this morning I saw burnt marks on her back from sleeping under cars! If she sleep ON cars, she risks her life.
Where do we want to drive cats to? To extinction before such car-obsessed complaints zip up their mouth?