Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weird Behaviour

Maybe it was because I came home late for the past two evenings, that she missed my presence (that's what the SO said). Last night, since I came back, she kept sticking around me everywhere I went - in the kitchen, in the study and everywhere. Even when I was sitting at my make-shift "dressing table", she had to sit on the canvas stool just 1.5 feet/foot(?) next to me...!?! Whatever happened to her?

She does have one interesting habit, and that is - she will drink water before sleeping at night. Every night, I will change the water in the water bowl, bring it to the cat room and ask her to come "drink water". One night, she seemed so happy to see me carrying the bowl of fresh water that she even ran towards me, so eager to lap up the water!

Hmm... weird behaviour.

葫芦里不知卖什么药 ?


cat_aunty said...

Princess Coco you are so sweet~

EJ. said...

Haha, maybe she heard rumours that you are 'seeing' other community cats.

auntie p said...

Coco must have read this post...kekeke!
My Favourite Garfield

Chinky said...

Coco is just human lah!