Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woody Clumping Litter

I tried a new brand of clumping cat litter, which interestingly, has wood components.


The litter is brownish and bigger than the usual clumping litter (with tiny round beads). It has a faint woodsy smell which can only be detected if one is close to the litter bin, like when scooping.


Comes with its own free, wider-spaced scoop


Coco took to it without fuss...good girl!

It clumps, although the clumping is not overly strong, which may not be too bad.

The good, if you're into clumping litter:
- good odour control
- bigger-sized oval beads which reduce tracking tremendously, as they're less likely to be picked up by the cat's paws and less likely to roll about on the floor
- whatever beads that gets thrown out onto the floor can be easily picked up and doesn't get crushed instantly into fine powder/dust when one accidentally steps on them; it breaks up but into large pieces

The bad:
- the package has lots of dust, not ideal for sensitive noses! I managed to scoop up lots of dust from the base of the bin after the litter has settled down.

Overall, it's not a bad deal. Perhaps I should sift out the dust before pouring them into the litter bin next time! :PP

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cat_aunty said...

Yes, same problem here with litter dust...*koff koff* *choke*