Friday, July 25, 2008

Chinese translation of my blog - by Google :P

I found the Chinese version of this blog by accident, and because it was translated by some robot, the translation is not always accurate. :P

Just read the text on the right-hand column, e.g. those on Coco for Adoption and you'll get an idea. You may even have a good laugh like I did. Hahaha!

This para was translated into the Chinese para below:
Coco is a brown-orange tabby-tortiseshell, aged around 22 months (as at April 2008). She's vocal, has a cute, unique purrsonality and loves to snuggle with foster mom when sleeping. Just try not to carry her for too long.

Please leave a comment if you're interested in adopting Coco. :)

The Chinese translation by Google:
椰子是一種棕橙平紋- tortiseshell ,年齡約在22個月內(截至2008年4月) 。 她的聲樂,有一個可愛的,獨特的purrsonality和愛snuggle寄養媽媽時,睡覺。 只是盡量不要進行她的太久。

請留下評論如果您有興趣在通過可可。 : )



EJ. said...

lol, it is word for word translation.

cat_aunty said...

apalah it makes no sense!!!!! No one would understand it, except maybe Google!!!!!!