Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dry cat food

Two weeks' ago, I bought the Sanabelle offer pack which comprise of a 2kg Adult dry food plus 2 free 400g packs of Sensitive formula (bought before) and Grande formula - all @ $24.90. There's another offer comprising - the 1st 10 kg bag @ $60.90 and the 2nd 10kg bag @ $50.90.

The Grande pack is meant to be for "adult cats, particularly large breeds". When I opened it, I realised why.

The kibble is very large and thick, compared to all other dry cat food I've seen.

Clockwise from top RHS : Royal Canine Fit 32, two Science Diet kibbles, Eagle Pack Holistic (the smallest and thinest) & Sanabelle Grande (biggest and thickest).

After two weeks, Coco seems to still like the Grande, though I hesitate to give the Grande to the community cats, many of whom are older and may not have very good teeth. Hopefully, there's enough stock for my order of the 10kg packs of Adult formula, which I hope the community cats will like. The promo price is still cheaper than the bulk order for RC kibbles.


san said...

I have been trying to give the amigo an alternative source of kibble in case Nutro will never see the light of day again in Spore. I tried to give them Sanabelle but the only one who eats it is Tanaka, and Minah the community kitty downstairs. Now Akira is actually eating IAMS Tuna enthusiastically. Bujang would eat some of it so I know he would be ok. The only VVIP is Toro who eats none of the above except Nutro Lite.Maybe its the size of the kibble. The one I got has small kibble size.

cat_aunty said...

I have been seeing Nutro Cats lately, but just the normal green pack. They seem to have the full range for dogs now.

Oh dear Toro, you must like something!!??