Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zippee-dee do-dah Day

Be warned: this is another "eat your heart out" post, ok? :P

Look what I've got, again!


More Temptations treats, which came all the way from Hong Kong, you know! This time, the treats are a present from aunty MightyMouse, who has 3 cats at home.

Can you imagine, a mommy mouse keeping three kitty fur-kids! Do the cats chase the mouse?
Oh, whatever! I don't care as long as the treats keep on coming. Kekeke!!

This is my latest stock-take.

I think these are enough treats to last me till 2009. Yippeee!!

Thank you to all the aunties EJ, Ksn, Cat aunty and MMouse for so sayang me and keeping my tummy well-filled with cat treats. :))


cat_aunty said...

Dear CocoMaoMao, 4 packets can last you until 2009??

EJ. said...

Cocomaomao got bird's stomach too.

auntie p said...

Besides these "pillow-shaped" treats, there are salmon treats also leh. So I think these treats will last through 2009.

ted said...

Those Temptations treats are the same ones we use. All three of our adult cats love 'em. We ring a little bell when it's treat time, and they come running from all corners of the house.

auntie p said...

Ringing a bell is so cute! Can imagine all the eager cats running towards their favourite treats.

Yeah,they all seem to love Temptations. I wonder why we don't have them here.