Monday, August 18, 2008

Cat Shananigan

As San would say, the cat is up to her usual shananigan!

Di diang si Shana and Lingham? Are they your friends?

The bottom "leg" of the sofa had been washed and draped over the chairs for a final bit of air-drying, and of course our furry friend decided to make it her "cave" and took a nap within.

She refuse to budge when I tried to shove her away. She just made some annoying noise (like chiding me for disturbing her) and moved on to the next chair.

Every chance she gets, our wardrobe becomes her playground, perfect for her game of hide-tickle-and-seek.

Then there's the game of pest-busting! Woe betide the naive baby lizard that innocently ran into the flat! The SO managed to catch it and released it outside, but not before it left its tail behind as a souvenir for us.

Nah-nanny-pooh-pooh! You cannot have it!



Aoise said...

You gotted a lizzerd tail ! Wow.

EJ. said...

Coco can sings Teochew opera!

Aunty P still have the very old antique basket.
I used to have a mini souvenir type look alike, but don't know where is it now.

auntie p said...

Hellooo Aoise! Glad you dropped by. :)

EJ: Coco must have picked up from the 7th month Teochew operas that's going on now. Haha!

auntie p said...

EJ: Oh, that basket is an antique alright. It was used at my mom's wedding! There were also two of those humongous baskets for ferrying pig trotters (mom's a Teochew mah) at the old house, but had to throw them out when we moved.

KXBC said...

Lizards can't exist in our home. It's either eaten by the gang or squashed to death by yours truly.

san said...

Wah Coco. You're an A+ hunter and hide and seeker :)

cat_aunty said...

Coco you are a great hunter and opera singer!!!

Still svelte I see..