Thursday, August 07, 2008


La la la...

The lucky Spuddies have gone for yet another trip. All have gone (including grandpa) except Spud, who has to contend with my company for a little while.

Flowers at Spud's home

He didn't greet me this evening, although he came to give me several head butts. I think he hasn't yet missed them, or he thinks they'll be coming home later tonight.

He was minding his own business; had his wet food dinner and went to rest and groom on his current favourite sofa, which is a good thing, coz I sure don't want him to throw up his food (which sometimes happens when he goes outside and munch on dunno what rubbish plant/leaf, so said his mom).

And he dozed off soon after, so I left slightly early.

Good night, Spud. See you tomorrow! *Muak*


EJ. said...

Spud is such a gentle and good boy.

cat_aunty said...

Good boy Spuddie. I am glad he is happy and well taken of, with flowers around him

auntie p said...

Spud really is a good boy. He doesn't nip me, although he does that to the gals occasionally to show his displeasure, best of all, he's a quiet cat, unlike the demanding brat at my home... *sigh..*

KXBC said...

Demanding brats have a very special place in my heart.