Thursday, August 07, 2008


I was feeding Timmy et al this evening, when a woman and her young son of kindergarten age walked by. They must have seen Timmy eating as I overheard their conversation.

Mummy: Do you know why we cannot disturb the cat when it's eating?
Boy: Because....

Oh, what a nice mother to be teaching the son not to disturb the cat, I thought to myself.

No, I am not Timmy. I am Charlie, ok?

Next, she said to the son: Because.... the cat will scratch you! When it gets angry!

Sigh... It's a case of ignorant people teaching rubbish things to the young.
*Grrr... *


EJ. said...

Hewow Charlie.

Why would a cat wanted to scratch you while eating? unless you are going to eat the cat's food.

Chinky said...
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Chinky said...
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Chinky said...

I just had a call from the SPO (Senr Property Officer) that resident called about a cat having scratched his daughter! I wished he had asked his daughter NOT to disturb the cat at all!
Hope the cat can remain safe at her block.
The blockhead SPO kept saying that he had to do something as it was a now a "nuisance" even thought he told me the complainant didn't want the cat killed.
This is a case of "kay kiang" SPO who is parroting what TC brainwashed into every officer..cats are "nuisance" that "culling", in Mr Madhavan's famous words can be saved for a nice eulogy "is to save them from their misery!"

auntie p said...

This SPO should not just listen to one side of the story and just take the easy way out. Hope the cat will be spared.