Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MP speaks up for community cats

I think it's a breakthrough for the social and moral progress of Singapore, even by just a little bit!

Only the brave with the most sincerest heart to serve would dare do this in parliament. It takes real courage to speak up for something that's always been considered mundane and unworthy of any attention by the authorities.

I've always enjoyed reading Mr Siew Kum Hong's articles to the press before he became a NMP. Now he can be my hero. :D


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Hi & thanks for stopping by our blog!!! We've been catching up on yours. We really enjoyed you chasing your tail Coco and my goodness do you ever do the breakfast dance well!

KXBC said...

The answer is say might as well don't say.

If I am allergic to noisy kids, can I have them removed from my neighbourhood as well?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed I applaud Mr Siew for risking his reputation by speaking about cats.
I believe most MPs would be too concern of what others will think of them if they were to appear to side residents who "love" cats.

Unfortunately big shots like Mr Mah has no consideration for "cat lovers"! I don't think Mr Mah care about cats at all as he has more "important" things to attend to.