Monday, September 08, 2008

Catty Bom Bom

The cunning cat tail door stopper


A new kopi stall at Bedok interchange


The old stall which made very nice teh-c and kopi-c served in the traditional kopitiam cups was no longer there, and in its place is this Kopi Meow stall. The chatty owner told us he didn't want yet another "Ah Seng" or "Ah Heng" name for his stall, so he came up with something different and even took some pains to get the logo designed to his satisfaction. He took the name from the "cat poop coffee" aka Luwak coffee which comes from the excrement of civet cats and touted to be one of the bestest coffee!

I asked the owner: "So, do you like cats?"
He said he is kind to all animals, which I gathered means he is probably neutral. :)

BTW, the kopi-c is not bad for $1, or less. It was fragrant and does not leave a bitter aftertaste, but the teh-c can be improved.


porn star said...

where did you get that tail door stopper?

auntie p said...

We saw it at Bloomington, at B1 of Anchorpoint.