Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jon Jon

Ms A the caregiver called. She said she will take Jon Jon to the vet tomorrow morning, and asked in her tearful voice, if we wanted to see him.

I have seen Jon Jon last night - he was just sitting there, huddled and barely moved, except to take a drink. He seemed in a daze and took a long time to lick the water, then stopped as if he had fallen asleep midway.

The SO and I went down to see Jon Jon, who was huddled in the same manner. As we stroked him and talked to him quietly, he laid down in a relaxed manner and just let us. JJ's body felt lukewarm, his tummy is very sunken and he smelled bad. It's that familiar smell that I have experienced with another community cat in the past... the smell that stayed on my hands and which took 3 washes to get rid of.

Ms A said she'd called us since we're fond of Jon Jon. She asked us to pray for him, then left us alone...I guess partly because she couldn't really talk and partly coz she didn't want us to see her cry. I wanted to share with her about something, but by then, I too, could not speak. Later, we left Jon Jon in a safe corner and left. I'd used up my only piece of tissue, and my nose was still dripping like a tap... but I did not cry.

Jon Jon, photo taken on 14 Aug 2008
Despite Ms A's effort to cook/prepare his favourite food, Jon Jon had not eaten for a week.


cat_aunty said...

What has happened to JonJon!!!!!!

EJ. said...

Sending my best wishes for Jon Jon.

KXBC said...

If he does not eat on his own, will you be able to syringe him at least twice a day? Sc Diet a/d wet food formula (must buy from vet; approx $3.50 per can) is supposed to be for this function. It’s supposed to be easily digestible. I have one can at home now. I can pass it to you on Thur only as I am overseas at the moment.

The best way I found out would be to blend the food in a blender to a liquid form and then syringe one ml by one ml through the side of the mouth. The 3ml syringe works best in my experience. Suck up 1ml and then syringe. Then continue until he gets in at least 20 to 30ml per feeding. XX takes in 150ml per day to gain weight so for JJ, if you can get in 70ml in his current state, it should be good enough. I am using XX’s experience when she was hospitalised as a gauge.

KXBC said...

I guess JJ would not need the a/d formula over there. He would be well fed and well loved wherever he may be now.

It's strange I do not at all believe in this other place for humans when they die but yet I choose to believe that house pets do go to a better place when they pass on.