Saturday, September 20, 2008

He was here

And he's still here, with us...

And always will be with us... on our minds, and in our hearts.

More neighbours have been asking about Jon Jon and of course, about Sugar, as they were once the inseparable pair and THE ICONs of our blocks.

Sad to say, the bad news hasn't yet ended. Someone who saw it informed Ms A (caregiver) that Charlie (aka Thin Tail) has passed on, perhaps one day before Jon Jon did.

Charlie was quite territorial - I'd seen the way he attacked and chased the younger cats away. Yet he's a manja lap cat when it comes to human beans. Charlie once shared the same territory as Sugar and Jackie-O (who now lives at the pet shop). As the Chinese saying goes: 一山不能藏二虎, i.e. a mountain can't have two tigers, so how can there even be three, and worst, all are territorial and male cats? Cat fights and injuries were common in those days.

Our condolences also go to the KSN household, whose dear Lincoln passed away.
Rest in peace, Lincoln. You will be dearly missed by mommy.


cat_aunty said...

Oh dear.....what a terrible month for kitties

EJ. said...

Jon Jon's finally home!

What happened to Charlie?

SL said...

is this the cat in the carpark? what happened?

auntie p said...

I don't know much about Charlie as I don't use the route where he is, but I heard he had been losing weight, though still eating.

SL said...

i saw him (or someone looking a lot like him) near the CC after i posted my comment!

auntie p said...

Do you mean a cat that looks like Charlie? Is she of a smaller/shorter frame, but chubbier? That would be Robin, with less white and more black. She has a very cute "weow-weow-weow-weow-weow" kind of meow, like Jabber Jaw the old cartoon. :)