Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Shana & Lingham again

More shananigan from HRH...

Coco getting very excited at what's outside...

Very busybody there

Was there a lizard or insect somewhere?

Last week, we came back home to find this!

I showed Coco the chewed up paper and straightaway, she knew what she did wrong and ran away...

...into the pet carrier. So there she goes for her 15-min lock-up as punishment.

The 1st time she was locked up, she kept meowing to be let out. The 2nd time, I think she quite enjoyed her stay inside~! *Roll eyes*

And why was there a cockroach leg buried inside the litter? >_<"

Coco sniffing at the smell of antiseptic deodorant after her 2nd pee accident just beside the bin. She likes to pee near the wall of the litter bin, and occasionally, she forgets to squat low enough... >_<"


Surprise, surprise! She didn't finish her favourite Fussiecat two nights ago, and didn't even touch the wet food last night (shocking!). I wonder if there was anything wrong with the can of tuna salmon? Anyway, I'm not giving her any wet food tonight, since she didn't clamour for it. It may even be more convenient for the cat-sitter to skip the wet food when we go away for a vacation next month.


EJ. said...

Huh, Coco ran into the carrier for punishment or for protection??!!

Oh, maybe the cockroach's managed to escape and jsut lost a leg.

These mischiefs of hers.

cat_aunty said...

See her tail swishing in mischief!!

What a naughty naughty cat!!!

So cute!

sweeleng said...

i had the same reaction with nemo who refused fussie cat a few days ago! shocking cos he always wlofs down his food. is there smthg wrong w this particular batch?? think we both get it from the same pet shop where jackie is?

auntie p said...

Coco likes to go inside the carrier to sit/hide for no reason at all. I thought she might be afraid to go inside the carrier after I took her downstairs (where she scream non-stop in the lift), but apparently, there was no trauma.

SL: yeah, got it from the same shop. Coco's rejection happened only to the tuna salmon (green can). I gave the remaining half to Shiny who ate it heartily. This evening, I gave the tuna with anchovy (pink can) to Coco and she promptly ate it up. :P

auntie p said...

SL: BTW, does Sugar still go up to your floor?

KXBC said...

My gang goes to the scratching post to scratch vigorously whenever they know they did something wrong. It started with XX and now every cat does it.

SL said...

aunty p, no, he hardly comes up nowadays, possibly cos my neighbours threw away the the comfy chairs outside their hse. :)

they have moved out and the flat is up for sale actually.