Saturday, September 13, 2008

Community cats update

Shooting the breeze with Sugar last Sunday (7 Sep).

I thought he looked very good and guessed the caregiver Ms A must have done something.

It turned out that Sugar had spent several days recuperating at the animal hospital and being administered with antibiotics, after having had a few teeth pulled out! Ah well, he hasn't looked this good for a long while, and I hope he can maintain his current healthy state.

His vet & hospitalisation fees came up to about $400. My contribution to the expenses, plus my personal expenses means more output than input this poor month. :-(

Shiny as we saw her this evening:

Fed and watered

Shiny ate half a can of wet food and some kibbles, which means she must have been fed earlier on; am gradually giving her more dry food than wet, so that she will get the necessary nutrients.

Post-dinner grooming

Her happy scratch board - the SO says she looks so cute when she does that, and that she walks/trots like Scooby-Doo...!?!

My wish is for Shiny's eyes to heal completely, and for her to gain weight to her normal (slim) size. :)


cat_aunty said...

Does Sugar meow with a lisp now?

EJ. said...

Does Sugar look for Jon Jon?

auntie p said...

Sugar sounds normal when he calls us gently. We don't know if he misses Jon Jon. Actually, they had been spending lots of time apart since months ago, when Sugar was having painful gums and very moody. JJ would still go near Sugar, who would rather be left alone. They weren't together all the time like the way they used to be.

Sugar now hangs around Kiddy's area (where b/w Mimi will appear at night) and even shares the dry food there. We're glad Sugar is eating on his own. Hope they'll become friends.

A neighbour I met in the lift this morning asked me: "where is Jon Jon?" More folks will start to miss him...