Saturday, October 04, 2008

D-Day is coming

I think I should try to spend less time in front of the very entertaining / relaxing computer and more time to do my chores and start packing. The PC is THE multimedia toy for us, and we can amuse ourselves sitting in front of it, thereby neglecting the housework.

We'll be going away for a vacation in 2 weeks' time for about 2.5 weeks, and this will be the longest time that Coco will have to spend alone at home with no human contact, other than with the cat-sitter. This thought has been bothering me for the longest time, coz I wonder how the ingrate-make-me-lose-sleep brat will handle our long absence.

I also wonder how many minutes or hours the cat-sitter would be willing to spend with Coco. Will she try to visit Coco twice a day and spend at least an hour or more (in total) with Coco each day, like I usually do when I cat-sit Spud? She's a busy mother of three, so I feel I should not impose on her by insisting that she does.

I've been having this sort of conversation with the SO since some time ago, for more than once:

Me: How ah? Do you think she will be ok?
SO: Hmm.... (after some thought) I think so. Cats are solitary animals.

Me: Do you she will miss us?
SO: I think you will miss her more.


Me: She still behaves like a kitten. When do you think she will grow up?
SO: She will grow up in our absence.


After that, I have been asking the SO on numerous occasions: How ah? Do you think she'll be lonely? Etc, etc.

Sigh... Such is the suffering arising from attachment.

Coco, 14 Jan 2007
- the day she was rescued together with Snowy and caged for toilet training

I guess we must get ready some slept-on bedsheets, blankets and t-shirts with our scents and place them all over her sleeping areas... in case she misses us, even for one bit.

And now I'll have to take my hp along and activate international roaming, just so that we can communicate with the cat-sitter during the trip.


cat_aunty said...

Dear auntie P, we all have gone through the same dilemma.....don't worry, she will be fine. She will give u the cold shoulders and tantrums when you come back though, or maybe do some shania and lingam to show her displeasure. Leaving bedsheets and shirts is a good idea. Maybe create more cubby holes for her to hide in. Speak to her and explain about the trip. She will understand

KXBC said...

I can tell you she will miss you guys. And when deprived of human company, the faces of those cats which are very attached to humans will morph into something more hardened, more solo. It will lose that sparkle in the eyes, the rounded cheeks. They will look like those hawker centre cats which are afraid of human interaction.

It happened to XX when we went off for a 12-day holiday 2 or 3 years ago. Then my mother-in-law comes over to help feed them and clear the litter. But she stays over max half an hour and XX is not terribly fond of her.

And when we finally reached home and opened the door, we thought we had a strange cat at home. Her face was quite different. Very hardened. Very remote.

But the good news is her face changed back very quickly, almost within half an hour, to a much softer look after we showered her the attention she desired.

I think it only happens to cats which are very attached to the owners. CC's face was a little different but not as much as XX's. The rest not much difference.

Not sure if I have much time to help (boss loading me with tons of work) but if you desire, I may be able to help during weekends (but right now, I am sneaking time off from work to leave a comment :). My weekdays are always completely burnt.

EJ. said...

Oh dear,hope Coco can adapt well during your vacation.
Maybe a webcam broadcast of her,
just like the Hemingwaycats webcam.

Chinky said...

I think webcam is an excellent idea and wold allow you to speak to her too :)
So you are going to land of the LOTR?
Kia Ora :)

san said...

She will miss you lah and make alot of noise. bujang makes alot of noise when I go overseas and will not stop until I come back. My mom will always say -Your cat Bujang is always shouting when you are not home. The rest of the amigos just take it in their stride.

auntie p said...

Oh dear, then Coco will sure make a lot of noise, except there will be no one to hear her! As it is now, she will follow me from room to room, and will meow for me if she doesn't see me for a while. She will also follow me into the toilet or if I disallow it, will wait outside the toilet for me. She sleeps with me every night, and will snuggle with me whenever I use the blanket.

After the first couple of days, I'm sure she will welcome the cat-sitter's presence very much and will be meowing at the door for them instead of hiding. Heheh.