Sunday, October 05, 2008

Me the PI cat

Mommy says she has to stay away from the PC, so asked me to blog my report on my PI work! She said someone's been asking about the origin of some cat food that we have at home, so I have to make a convincing case that they aren't made in PRC!

Waa... why me?!?

Here's a big bag of Sanabelle Adult formula which was purchased recently.

Here you can see that I am looking high and low for the country of origin, which means the country where it is made. It was really quite hard to find it, as my England is not so powderful yet, you know!

Ahh, here it is! I've found it!

Next, is a bag of RC which comes in 3 types and shapes. The bag say it's a formula for "special" cat... yes, special cats just like me! :)

But mommy say "special" just means it's for extra fussy type of cats... like me.


So I tried to look for the country of origin... there were so many small words...

Finally, I've found it too! Mommy says I did a good job and gave me extra salmon treats. After that, I was so tired from my PI work that I went straight to take my beauty nap.


KXBC said...

You so kiang...:)

Btw, that formula you feed HRH is very addictive. It smells very good. I've tried it on CC before and it took a long time before I actually weaned him off it.

EJ. said...

You are so patient to go through the fine prints,Coco.Usually nobody goes over them but it is better to be careful these days with the food scare.

Coco, tell mommy to leave lots of salmon treat for you during their absence.

KXBC said...

On second thought, made in xxx rather than PRC does not mean that the ingredients are not sourced from PRC.

If the ingredients are contaminated and not detected, made anywhere else also no use.

Mr Shake Head said...

Some people are just impossible to please.

KXBC said...

I checked the RC Indoor 27 pack I have at home. It does not state where it is made.

The RC Renal formula pack states that it is made in the EU unless the product code is RU and something else.

Seems like they manufacture different formulas in different parts of the world.

And for Mr Shake Head, the reason I am concern about contaminated food is that if your cat eats solely that food, the contaminant will directly affect its health in a few months as their smaller body size cannot handle that level of contamination, leading to kidney failure and other fatal illnesses. It's like drinking packets and packets of contaminated milk everyday. I'm sure you do not want your loved ones falling fatally ill too, right?

cat_aunty said...

We can only try the best we can, with the information available. It involves a lot of regulation and legislation, and consumers demanding more informations from the suppliers/ manufacturers.

It s always good to do research and read up.