Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Shiny on Hari Raya Puasa PH

Finally got a slightly better shot of Shiny's eyes in the daylight, coz she keeps looking away whenever she sees the hp.

When we went to feed her last night, someone had left for her a plastic bag of wet food on the floor and a a bowl of dry food (which attracted ants). We cleared the leftover wet food but left the dry food there.

This morning, I saw a lady passing by who stopped by, sat down and stroke Shiny and let Shiny rub her leg. She must be thinking about why this cat is so skinny. After she left, I went to feed Shiny.

Specks of white among her dark fur - is this a sign of old age?

Shiny eats slowly and would rest in between bites of food. It would take at least 15-20 mins before it's confirmed that she's had enough (so that we can clear), but we would not have this privilege of time in the morning during working days. L is back from her business trip, so I've asked her to meet for tea (I don't know her...yet).

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