Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sunday adventure

Coco hadn't asked to go outside for a long while, so I was surprised when she jumped off from the sofa (after looking out of the window) and started meowing towards the main door.

Being the well-trained human bean, of course I understood her command. :)

Trying to get some floor perfume onto herself

Thus began her happy, cheerful climb up to the next floor

Dah dee dah~!

I was seated at our doorway and switched the leash into the "lock" position; I didn't want her to go upstairs where the people aren't nice neighbours (that's another long story).

After a while, I could feel it... the leash didn't feel tight anymore...

Oops! Where is the cat?

Coco had somehow slipped out of the walking jacket and went up to the upper level. Maybe the sudden disappearance of the walking jacket from her body made her feel insecure, coz she began SCREAMING away, as if to announce her presence to the whole world: -

"Hear ye, hear ye, neighbours! Yes, we have a cat here! We have a resident here who's been keeping me - a furry, hair-shedding cat that supposedly loves to roam about (according to HDB) and prohibited! Yes, here I shall come, into your homes and perhaps defaecate here, there and on your sofa too if I have the time!"

"Eh...but if I'm supposed to love roaming about, why is my tail all puffed up in fear!?!
HELP, mommy!!"

In short, mommy had to dropped everything, even placing her camera on the floor of the stairway, quietly walk towards Coco, grabbed her into her arms, calm her down, settled her back into the flat before retrieving the walking jacket, leash and camera from the staircase.

The culprit - guilty as charged~!


xy_meowie said...

oh coco! we shld call u coco houdini!!

san said...

oh dear. That is one xperience one can do without. It must have scared you to aunty_p.

cat_aunty said...


I screamed when I say the empty jacket.

Cocomaomao ah, you dun be naughty ok???

She must have been so petrified to realise that the floor was not her floor

EJ. said...

Aiiyyoyoh Coco!

See ,ya so slim to be able to slip out of the jacket.

auntie p said...

This Coco har, I already told her to stop going up and yet she defied instructions.

I suspect the leash might have got stuck to the railing, and somehow, she managed to slipped her head out of the collar. Once that is out, it's easy to get out of the body harness. Now I'll have to make everything tight, tight...until she can hardly move...muahaha!