Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Very free again~! :P

Hahaha, as if~!!

My tzer siao target *cues Jaws music*


Yes, the last time we discussed this subject, we've established that the hind paws have got four digits.

A clearer photo of the hind paw - the paw pad (?) to the left looks like er... Mickey Mouse?
BTW, are they called paw pads?

Dah dee dah~!

The target is still so blase... but look at her sneaky-looking eyes...

When it comes to the front paws or hands (as some might say)...

People say there are five... #5 being just below the claw in the photo above.

But hor...

We actually have six digits! The #6 being the rather un-noticeable digit. Hee hee~!

(Dialect Translator : Tzer Siao = "disturb" in Teochew)


kuro.shiro.neko said...

i also like to tzer siao my cats' paws. hehe...

KXBC said...

I like to press them. They're so soft and comfy and looks rather appetizing.

EJ. said...

Maybe we humans should licks our palms to get the soft gentle texture like them kitties.

cat_aunty said...

I want to gnom the paw pads!!!!!!!!!!